Pickens County School Bus Rules

  1. Comply with the Student Code of Conduct, including school-specific rules of conduct and consequences.
  2. Students should be at the bus stop 5 minutes before the bus arrives, waiting in a safe place, clear of traffic and 12 feet from where the bus stops.
  3. Help keep the bus clean, refrain from eating or drinking on the bus.
  4. Cooperate with the driver and sit in a designated seat when assigned by the driver.
  5. Students who cross the roadway in the morning will do so only after the bus has stopped, they have looked at the driver for the hand signal, and they have looked in both directions for traffic. Students who cross in the PM will look right at the bottom of the bus steps before disembarking. They will stop at the front right corner of the bus and look to driver for the signal to proceed to the bus crossing arm on the left front and then wait for the driver to signal to proceed quickly across the traffic lane.
  6. Stay in your seat, and remain properly seated, back against the back of the seat, bottom against the bottom of the seat and keep hands to themselves until time to get off the bus. The open door or driver command will signal release from your seat.
  7. Keep head, hands, and feet inside the bus.
  8. keep all personal items out of the aisle.
  9. Students will be totally silent at railroad crossings (The driver is required by law to look and listen after establishing silence on the bus. This is a non-negotiable safety issue and major offense when broken.
  10. Students will signal the driver with a waving motion if something is dropped outside the bus and wait for the driver to give a signal before picking up the object. (Never, ever lose sight of the driver or do anything that would make him/her lose sight of you! This is a procedure that can never be broken if we are to keep you safe.
  11. Students will refrain from using loud voices, profanity, and/or obscene gestures.
  12. Electronic devices such as cell phones may be used with headphones only. Electronic devises may not be used in a manner that interferes with the bus communication equipment or the safe operation of the bus. The bus driver may restrict the use of these devices as he/she sees necessary for the good order and safe environment of the bus. Pickens County School System is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen property.
  13. Do not use a mirror, laser, flash camera or any other light or reflective device in a manner that might interfere with the driver’s operation of the bus.
  14. Transporting Projects and Prohibited Items on School Bus: Occasionally school projects and band instruments are transported to school. The following guidelines must be followed to ensure the safety of students during a possible evacuation and the comfort and wellbeing of all students
    • Only projects and band instruments small enough to hold in student’s lap, without interfering with the safety and comfort of others in the seat, may be transported.
    • Items including large display boards should not exceed 18” x 24” and must not contain sharp edges, corners or sharp display objects.
    • Glass, animals, chemicals, flammable/hazardous items, skateboards or similar items are prohibited and will not be transported.
    • No items should be stored in the aisle, driver’s compartment, or in front of emergency exits.