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Job Descriptions

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Joeta Youngblood, Principal, Hill City Elementary

Lynda Wallace, Principal, Harmony Elementary
Dr. David Wilds, Principal, Jasper Elementary
Sandy Layman, Principal, Tate Elementary
Shane Purdy, Principal, Jasper Middle
Pennie Fowler, Principal, Pickens County Middle
Dr. Sandy Greene, Director of Teaching and Learning, System Assessment Director
Dr. Lula Mae Perry, Superintendent

Join the Celebration

If you have been a part of our family as a teacher or staff member, please join us to celebrate 10 years of memories. Monday, May 23rd, 7:00-8:00pm light refreshments will be served.

Feeding Georgia's
Summer Meals

On April 23rd, over 160 students representing Harmony Elementary, Hill City Elementary, Jasper Elementary, and Tate Elementary came together to compete in the 8th Annual Pickens County Math Bowl.

Join the Celebration

If you have been a part of our family as a teacher or staff member, please join us to celebrate 10 years of memories. Monday, May 23rd, 7:00-8:00pm light refreshments will be served.

School Bus Roadeo

Every school day our buses transport the most precious cargo – our students to and from school. The annual "Bus Roadeo" competition tests driving and safety skills. Congratulations drivers!

Cherri Howell, Transportation Director, Jackie Watkins/1st Place, Wanda Tidwell/2nd Place, Susan Burkley/3rd Place

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Job Descriptions


Bus Driver
Bus Monitor
Bus Technician
Director of Transportation
Routing Supervisor
Transportation Receptionist
Transportation Data Clerk


Technology Support Specialist
SIS Coordinator
Network Administrator
Instructional Technologist
Director of Technology



  Special Education
Administrative Assistant for Special Education
Assistant Sped Director
Hearing Impaired Teacher
Occupational Therapist
School Psychologist
Secretary Bookkeeper
Speech Therapist
Vision Impaired Teacher
Special Education Director
Special Education Coordinator



Director of Maintenance
General Maintenance - Carpenter
General Maintenance - Grounds Keeper
General Maintenance - HVAC
General Maintenance - Painter
General Maintenance - Plumber
General Maintenance - Electrician
General Maintenance - Technician



  Food Service
Food Service Assistanat Manager
Food Service Manager
Food Service Director
Food Service Bookkeeper
Food Service Employee



  Central Office
Accounts Payable Clerk
Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant to the Personel Director - Insurance Billing
Administrative Assistant to the Attendance Officer and School Social Worker
Assistant Superintendent of Schools
Attendance Officer
Director of Finance
Director of Federal Programs
Director of Teaching and Learning
Federal Programs Secretary
Human Resources Director
Insurance Clerk
Parent and Community Involvement Coordinator
Payroll Clerk
School Social Worker
Secretary AD & MO
Supervisor of Operations
Superintendent of Schools



  Academic Coach
  Adaptive Physical Education Teacher
  Apprenticeship Coordinator
  Assistant Principal
  Athletic Director
  Career and Technology Agricultural Education
  Curriculum Director
  Due Process Facilitator (Student Support Team Coordinator
  Duties of Custodian
  English Teacher of Other Languages Teacher (ESOL)
  Federal Projects Coordinator
  Gifted Teacher
  Guidance Counselor
  High School Guidance Counselor
  Head Custodian
  Inschool Suspension Para-pro
  Instructional Supervisor (Early Childhood)
  Interpretor - Hearing Impaired
  Interrelated Teacher (Resource)
  Media Specialist
  Mildly Intellectual Disabled Teacher (MID)
  Moderately Intellectual Disabled Teacher (MID)
  Other Health Impaired (OHI) Special Education Teacher
  Pre-K Teacher
  Pre-K Assistant Teacher
  Profoundly Intellectual Disabled (PID) Program Special Education Teacher
  School Data Clerk
  School Nurse
  School Secretary
  Severly Intellectual Disabled Teacher (SID)
  Specific Learning Disability Teacher (SLD)
  Sports Coach
  Student Record Clerk for High School
  Substitute Teacher
  System Lead Nurse
  49% Teacher
  AP High School Chemistry Teacher
  High School Guidance Counselor
  High School Science Teacher
  Middle School Math Teacher
  Teacher CTAE Early Childhood Development
  Testing Coordinator


Pickens County School District does not discriminate against applicants or employees on the basis of race, color, national origin, creed, marital or family status, gender, age or handicap.



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