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Director of Student Services - Shelley Cantrell
School System Social Worker - Whitney Carnes
Director of Health Services - Kimberly Parker

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Joeta Youngblood, Principal, Hill City Elementary

Lynda Wallace, Principal, Harmony Elementary
Dr. David Wilds, Principal, Jasper Elementary
Sandy Layman, Principal, Tate Elementary
Shane Purdy, Principal, Jasper Middle
Pennie Fowler, Principal, Pickens County Middle
Dr. Sandy Greene, Director of Teaching and Learning, System Assessment Director
Dr. Lula Mae Perry, Superintendent

Join the Celebration

If you have been a part of our family as a teacher or staff member, please join us to celebrate 10 years of memories. Monday, May 23rd, 7:00-8:00pm light refreshments will be served.

Feeding Georgia's
Summer Meals


On April 23rd, over 160 students representing Harmony Elementary, Hill City Elementary, Jasper Elementary, and Tate Elementary came together to compete in the 8th Annual Pickens County Math Bowl.

Join the Celebration

If you have been a part of our family as a teacher or staff member, please join us to celebrate 10 years of memories. Monday, May 23rd, 7:00-8:00pm light refreshments will be served.

School Bus Roadeo

Every school day our buses transport the most precious cargo – our students to and from school. The annual "Bus Roadeo" competition tests driving and safety skills. Congratulations drivers!

Cherri Howell, Transportation Director, Jackie Watkins/1st Place, Wanda Tidwell/2nd Place, Susan Burkley/3rd Place

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100 D.B. Carroll Street Jasper, Georgia 30143
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Pickens County Schools Student Services Team

The Student Services Department plays a central role in helping to increase communication between the school, community and the home. Student Services is comprised of the School Social Worker, WhitneyCarnes; Attendance Officer, Shelley Cantrell; Lead School Nurse, Kimberly Parker; and Administrative Assistant, Cindy Pope. We are located at 100 D. B. Carroll Street, Jasper, Georgia 30143, within the Central Office of the Board of Education. Our hours are Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. We can be contacted by phone at 706-253-1700 or via the e-mail addresses below.






Student Service Department TEAM supports the following:

 Attendance Support Services and Truancy Referrals

 Serving all court subpoenas and truancy ordinance tickets (SRO)

 Juvenile and Drug Court

 Attendance Protocol Requirements

 Ombudsman and North Star Support

 School Nurse Support (Alice Qualls ) - Head Nurse located at Jasper Elementary School

 School Counselor Support

 Disciplinary Tribunal Hearings and Training

 Hospital Homebound Services

 McKinney Vento Homeless Act

 Referrals to Community Resources

 Code of Conduct

 DFCS Communication

 Mental Health Referrals

 Yearly Child Abuse and Suicide Training

 Home visits as needed


 Dropout Prevention

 Weekend Snack Program


Every Day Counts for Attendance

One vital aspect of academic achievement is student attendance. When students are absent they miss the school engagement that occurs in a classroom. They miss the opportunity to participate in activities and to ask questions. Success in school requires regular, punctual attendance. Regular attendance has been linked to higher achievement, stronger bonds to the school and community, lower rates of delinquent and high risk behavior, and increased participation in higher education.

Families, schools and communities must work together to support school attendance. Nothing can lead to positive results more than working collaboratively to improve academic achievement. Parents who make regular school attendance a priority are also helping their children learn to accept responsibility. Attendance patterns are formed early in life and have an impact throughout a child’s academic career and in the work force. Together, we can build a community that supports, prepares and inspires all students to contribute and excel. 



Tips for Improving Attendance

  1. Good attendance benefits your child’s education. Students who miss a day of school not only miss instruction, but must make up missed work and catch up with new material at the same time. To improve attendance, make education a family priority and emphasize the important role education plays throughout life.

  2. The school bus is a consistent way to ensure your child arrives at school in a timely manner. Arriving late can be disruptive for your child, the teacher and the other children in the class.

  3. Monitor your child’s attendance through the Parent Portal to keep track of absences. If an absence is marked incorrectly please contact the school attendance data clerk. Students must submit a note or parents must fax or email to the school within 5 school days for the student’s absence to be considered excused.

  4. There are 180 school days out of 365 days in a year; therefore, families are encouraged to take vacations during the summer recess or other school breaks throughout the year. Vacations are not considered excused absences.

  5. Keep in mind that patterns are formed early. It is more difficult to break a bad habit (children begging to stay home from school “just this once”) than saying “no” in the beginning.

  6. If there are reasons why your child is not coming to school (school phobia, relationships with peers, academic difficulties), please contact your school counselor so that the underlying issue can be addressed.


Thank you for supporting your child’s education by encouraging good school attendance! 

How You Can Help:

  • Copy and paste the attendance slogan on your newsletter, business website and/or correspondence.
  • Post the slogan in your business
  • Talk to students who come in your business during school hours….ask why they are not in school.
  • Become a sponsor for the perfect attendance t-shirts
  • Donate attendance incentive items for the schools to be given away
  • Parents can post the attendance slogan on the refrigerator to remind their student of the importance of being in school every day
  • Request to be a business partner of the Attendance Protocol Committee






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